Jove Orquestra Simfònica de Castelló

La Jove Orquestra Simfònica de Castelló (JOSC), founded in 1995, is a cultural institution created to train people between 16 and 25 years old in the previous years of their professional career.

The JOSC carries out auditions which let us choose outstanding youngsters, as scholars, for each instrument speciality. By means of this selection, we get an elite staff that takes part in encounters that structure our annual programmes. In this encounters, the young musicians study and play the most important symphonic pieces.

During the first days of these encounters each member of the orchestra studies his instrument through the symphonic repertoire individually or in group. Each encounter ends up with a tour of concerts that has taken the orchestra to Spanish theatres and foreign theatres.

The JOSC has reached its high performance level thanks to its hard work and active methodology, which is always in revision. In the last seasons the JOSC has included a repertoire worthy the best European orchestras; this is shown in the 6 CDs that include important R. Strauss, Gustav Mahler and J. Stravinsky pieces. We should highlight the Madrid Theatre Monumental performance in 2007, where they played Gustav Mahler 5th Symphony. The concert benefits were for Amnesty International and it was emited by the TVE International Channel. A year later, the JOSC carried out in Vienne its most important project ever since they took part in the Embassy’s Festival de Música Española. As a result, the JOSC performed, succesfully, in the Golden Theatre of the Musikverein (Vienna).

We are sponsored by Castelló town council, the Castelló Diputació and Castelló Cultural.